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Our Story

It's All About Freedom

Inspired by a military veteran who like to travel, have fun and live life without boundaries. We want to make our way through life, and have pride in how hard they work for their accomplishments. Our basic principles in bringing you our products fall on these basic tents.

Products that make you want to be apart of something bigger than yourself. We want to make sure that we are giving you a good price for a good product that make you proud to build this community.

Branding speaks to power. We design our products to fit your freedom of expression, and durable for your daily travels.

Grow a community of doers. When you see PHAEVERS, it makes you realize you are a part of a culture of people that value hard work, and harder play.

Our Mission: Respect people and basic dignity of life. Enable our community to grow and look good in the process. Allow people to feel a sense of community, and never feel like you are alone.

Welcome to Our World

We know you like looking good, but fashion is not where life ends. We all came into this world with a purpose, so let us find it together.

Life is short. Live your dreams. Take charge of your future. Leave everything you have on the field of life, and have no regrets.

Keep Moving,

Veteran Owned and Operated out of Virginia, USA.