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Mini Smell Proof Travel Kit

Mini Smell Proof Travel Kit

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A mini travel smoke kit is a compact and portable set of accessories designed for individuals who enjoy taking their items on the go. It typically includes essential items needed for various substances, such as herbs, or legal concentrates. Here is a description of a typical mini travel kit:

  • Smell Proof Storage Case: Comes in a small, smell proof, durable case that keeps all the components organized and protected. The case made of soft durable plastic.  (14cm / 5.5in x 10cm / 4in)
  • Compact Aluminum Grinder (55*24mm)
  • Compact Aluminum tray (8cm / 3.2in x 13cm / 5.1in)
  • Compact Aluminum jar (50*22mm)
  • Plastic Cone Roller (110mm / 4.3in)
  • Compact Aluminum Cone Maker (80mm / 3.4in)
  • "One Shot" pipe (78mm / 3.07in)

Provides a compact and convenient solution for smoking enthusiasts who want to enjoy their preferred substance while traveling or on the go.

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