Wander and Discover

Wander and Discover

The way throughout the struggle is the world of wander and discover.  You find the treasure that you are looking for when you challenge yourself to go down the road of life looking for the unknown, and not being scared of what the unknown is.  It is not being a follower and doing what everyone else is doing.  It is taking some chances, some risks to achieve something that few people will ever accomplish.  That thing is what makes you stand out above the rest.

Great people have a past of struggle.  Whether it is working very hard for that they obtained through necessity, survival or an inner need to be more than what they saw around them.  They had that “it” factor that drove them to be historic.  They just did the work a lot harder than everyone else, and had the will to do whatever it took to achieve the goal.  It was maybe skipping out on a lot of things in life that are fun or exciting.  Maybe even skipping out on some moments in life that are irreplaceable, like the birth of a child or an event of some kind.  However, the goal they were trying to reach, hopefully, was somehow worth those lost moments.  If not, then that is something they need to deal with in another moment. 

Regret is not always a one-way street.  There will be decisions that will change the course of your history that will not end favorably in many fashions.  You might get that job you want, but it will require you to move away from your family, or some other gut-wrenching decision that you will have to make.  Life is not fair. 

When taking those steps to being “great” you have to sometimes ask yourself how bad do you want it, and is it worth those moments in time that are irreplaceable?  Will you achieve the greatness you seek, and be able to make up for that lost time in some other way?  No one can answer that question for you.  As you wander through your path to greatness you will discover that it is a road full of give, take, and no-win scenarios.  Make the best decision for yourself because in the end, the person you look at in the mirror is the one that will judge you the hardest.


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