Use It

Use It

The more you write, the more you think.  The more you get your brain to work in a creative fashion, the better you are at developing ideas that will work for you.  It is a constant thing that you need to implement in your daily activities.  Whether it is writing down your thoughts, writing down how your day went in a diary, or just writing something random.  Your brain needs to create and you need to build your ability to be creative.  Starting at a television or your phone will not help your creativity.  If anything, it will begin to eat at it. 

Your brain is a muscle.  If you don’t use it, you will begin to lose it.  You ever see those people that talk, but nothing seems to come out.  They hit you with sound bits of information, but really don’t know what they are talking about.  They have become the 30 second sound bite that someone feed them, and stopped thinking for themselves.

You are more than just a sound bite.  You need to work your brain like any other muscle.  You cannot move forward in life without the mental gymnastics that comes from using your most important muscle, the one between your ears.  The same intensity that can be found with sweat, can be applied to working your brain.

Make sure you are putting some work in.  Make sure you are getting some rest.  Work that other muscle.  Don’t forget to exercise your most important muscle, to help you reach your future goals.  Climbing to reach your peak is dependent on it.


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