Take Control

Take Control

There’s a so many things to say, and never enough time.  You try to formulate some words.  You try to put together a direction, a plan that you hope will achieve what you’re looking for.  They’re people that are willing to work, and then they’re people who will watch them.  Whether you are the one doing or watching, you are ultimately responsible for what your become.

The people that are doing, striving and making changes to their lives; trying to be in control of their destiny will probably outlast the ones that don’t.  They’ll probably be more successful because they’ve developed some work habits that will allow them to be able to adapt to new situations as they happen.

People who don’t develop good work habits depend on luck and particular situations to shape their future.  If you want life to dictate your future; versus you having a hand in how it happens then realize that the less control you take, the more life will tell you where to go.

If you want to change your life, you have to take control of if it.  You have to dictate the terms, and be an active participant in how you want things to go.  Even if you fail, at least you can say you tried.  You will develop some skills and some lessons that may not be apparent at first; however, at some point in time they will reveal that you didn’t waste your time in trying to control your outcome.

Change only comes from within.  If you want it, then fight for it, and accept nothing less than what you’re going for.  Keep moving.


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