Strong Footing

Strong Footing

Messages sometime get lost in the translation.  Sometimes it is not so much the translation, as much as the source of the information.  We all know people that give great advice, but don’t take their own.  Those people who are quick to tell you to workout, while they sit on the couch.  There are plenty of people that live by the idea of if you can’t do, then couch.  The bad part of that is if you don’t fit the part, then people are more than likely not to listen to you.

Take that into consideration when you find yourself giving advice, or giving some life tips.  Are you living up to what you are selling, or are you just talking to hear yourself talk.  We all can use a bit of humility at times because we’re no perfect.  This doesn’t mean to not good advice when it is warranted.  It’s about recognizing how that information will be received if you’re not on strong footing. 

If it’s come from the right place, at the right time, then you’re look at as a helper and a teacher more than those who talk just the able to say they told you so. 

Look in the mirror every so often, and look for improvement.  Be the person that you would trust, and people will see that energy in you.  Be motivational.  Keep moving.


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