Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy

Every day comes with its own set of challenges, and every day comes with a set of decisions.


The challenges range from the things you expect from your day: A meeting, a gathering, starting or ending a new chapter in your live.  Then there are the unknown things that are waiting for you that you have no idea were going to happen.  A car collision, a speeding ticket, or something as simple as a flat tire.


The decisions are how you approach the things you see coming; as well as, the things you don’t.  How much energy, or the type of energy you want to project in these moments.


We don’t control much of anything in our lives, in the sense of having total control.  What we do control is our attitude, our actions and our energy on how we address those things in life throughout our day.  Protect your energy.  We only have so much to give, and then it’s gone.



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