Perfect Your Craft

Perfect Your Craft

You can’t take over the world if you’re worried about who’s looking.  If you have drive, and tenacity to reach your goals then so be it.  You have to be you, and not worry about what the world thinks.  If you focus more on who’s talking about you, then you’re taking away from focusing on making gains towards your success.  Once you gain it, then you need to focus on keeping it. 

The people at the top of their game don’t stay there long, if they don’t know how to keep it.  That takes continuous self-improvement and reinforcement of skills and assets that need to be leveraged.  You can’t put the necessary time in to perfecting your craft, if you’re more worried about who’s watching.  If you are putting forth the effort, you will be recognized soon enough. 

There’s a difference between listening to the world, and simply hearing the chatter.  Forget what everyone else is focusing on, and make your own niche for people to follow.  Perfect your craft.  Let them pay attention to your actions, don’t worry about then listening.  You gain that from movement, not standing still watching and waiting.  Keep moving.


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