Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and Valleys

A day is just a date on the calendar to some people.  It is a moment in time that only becomes significant if something impacts you in a way that is unforgettable.    A birthday, a celebration, a moment of sorrow.  Sometimes is can be as simple as seeing some historic event that shocks the world, and leaves an impression on everyone that sees it.

The moments that pass sometimes just pass, and mostly forgotten.  The things you hold true today, may mean nothing tomorrow.  If it is impacted by people, you may hold an emotional bond with them; way more than they even remember, or even notice you.  Like going to a restaurant and getting bad service.  The person serving you may not have the slightest idea that they are giving you a bad day.

The challenge is we meet will come in peaks and valleys.  Highs and lows throughout our lives.  Sometimes we will learn from these moments, enjoy these moments, be annoyed about what happened.  In the end, they will remind us how much they changed our lives, or remembered at all.

For those memories of being told that we would not reach our goal.  The moments when we made that breakthrough.  The moments when we see the end of the tunnel.  We will forever remember those awesome times, and that is why we get up in the morning and give the day our all.


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