Overcome Those Fears

Overcome Those Fears

There is nothing wrong with failure.  You may find a moment in life where things just aren’t working for you.  You tried out for a team, a job or a new project and came up short.  They didn’t want you on their team or job; you weren’t the right fit.  Maybe your skills were lacking.  Maybe there was simply someone better than you.  That is when you face the reality that everyone doesn’t get a trophy.  The reality is a cold world.  Nobody is looking to do you any favors.  Nobody really cares about your bills, aspirations or any of those things.  Which puts you in the position to really think about what you want, and how you are going to get there.  Your options are pretty simple: you get back up and figure out how you’re going to make things work, or you lay there and let life tell you how things are going to work. 

Failure never comes with regret, when you know you’ve invested the energy in striving for the goal you set yourself towards.  When you know you’ve shot your best shot and it comes up short; you can at least say you tried.  However, not trying or giving up will hang over your head for the rest of your life.  You will find those moments if not trying will haunt you more than anything else.  The thought of what could’ve been never goes away.  There will be something in life that will put that picture in your head, and make you take a hard look at yourself every so often.  Make you think have I gotten better or worse from that experience.  Did I overcome those fears, and become better than that moment; if not, then am I really putting my all into what I’m trying to achieve.  Am I existing or am I in charge of my life?  What is my plan? 

You have to ask yourself these questions every day.  Ask yourself if I’m living up to my own expectations?  Am I really making my life the best life I can?  If not for you, maybe for your family if you have kids or someone depending on you to help them because they cannot do it on their own.  It’s not enabling when they can’t do it, only when they can, but are too lazy to make the effort.

Continue to self-examine yourself, and continue to conquer your fears to make life easier to succeed in.  Make sure that when you get old, that you’re able to look back and appreciate the life you lead.  Make sure you leave it all on the field of life, and live your life to the fullest.  Keep moving.


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