Open Road

Open Road

Moving is an emotional experience.  Picking up everything you own to go to another place, can be a good or bad thing; especially, if you’ve been in a particular spot for a long time.  It’s emotional because as you begin the process of going through your possessions, you begin to reflect on way those things mean to you.  Not everything, just those things that you might have seen in awhile that makes you wonder.

Digging up the past can lead to new ideas.  Things you’ve forgotten that may unravel thoughts that meant nothing at the time, but can be applied now.  Those memories that are stored in our subconscious that never die, they simply sleep until we experience something to wake them up.

Life is an open road with many stories to be told.  Never let your forward progress take you so far that, you forget how far you traveled.  You might find that those moments of reflection are more priceless than you ever expected.


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