One Drop

One Drop

Water is an amazing thing.  It can keep things alive and take it away.  It can help in the creation of people, places and things.  It can put out fires and destroy civilizations.  It can do so much depending on the situation, and sometimes the desired outcome.  Water has no feelings or intentions, other than to fill whatever space it is in.  Drop by drop.

Like a drops of water, your life is built of many different paths and possible outcomes.  Some people know from the time they are born who or what they want to become.  Some of us find ourselves through trying many things, and getting to the point of what works best for us.

In the end, it takes the one drop of inspiration that turns into many different paths to the journeys we want to take in life.

Whether it is relationships, work or fun it take that one drop of inspiration, observation, or enlightenment for us to take the next steps towards our happiness.


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