Patients is a virtue that most of us lack when things start to look their worse.  The more life begins to make the walls close around us.  The more the day begins to dim, and clouds begin to form.  The more we begin to think of away out of the situation.  The beginning of the feelings of fight or flight become more apparent.  Sometimes we do a little of both.

We try to find a way out, like we’re fighting against water to keep from drowning.  We try to escape as if we are in a cage.  Our senses become acute, and everything thought we have is focused on that’s going on, and nothing else.  An endless moment of tunnel vision.

Like all things, nothing lasts forever.  Eventually, the thing we were worried about will pass.  Depending on how important it was, it may even be forgotten.  The best run of thumb is never to make rash decisions when you’re emotional.  Sometimes you need a nights rest before making a problem worse.  Take the time to think it through before making irreversible decisions.

We all make mistakes, and we will all see brighter days.  Just remember that life is like a roller coaster, a bunch of highs and lows.  Live like there’s no tomorrow, and make the most of today.  Keep pushing.  Keep striving.  Keep moving.


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