Sometimes it takes moments in life for you to understand what someone was trying to point out to you.  People can tell you all kinds of stories that mean nothing at the moment.  It’s not until you’re faced with the moment and the memories of what was said that the little light bulb goes off in your head.  It happens to all of us at some point because we just get it.

Our minds are going a 100 miles an hour, and we don’t always grasp things the first time around.  It’s something we have to work on.

We tend to listen to respond, but listen to understand.  By not listening to understand, we put ourselves in position to repeat mistakes that we learned by others.

The next time someone tries to give you something to think about, try opening your ears and forget about worrying about what comes out of your mouth.  You might learn something that will save your life.  Keep moving.


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