Life is Relative

Life is Relative

The race is slowing down for some of us this week.  The weekend should be a time for those who work the 9-5, or school to get a little more rest in.  That doesn’t mean that we completely let the world that we simply drop everything we started.  Maybe a little less time dedicate to it, or more time dedicate to it because you have less distractions on the weekends. 

It is good to use your time wisely; which is relative to everyone’s individual situation.  Time, money, and a lot of things in life are relative to the individual’s situation.  All things in life are relative to their situation and environment.  There are very few things that are across the board for everyone when it comes to turning up or turning down your level of effort.  We are the judges of that, although there are times when we need a push to understand what our true capabilities are. 

Keep living for your dreams, and eventually they will become your reality.  You cannot compare someone else’s reality to yours because we all have different struggles that we will endure.  Just keep fighting and remember that life is relative. 


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