Keep Striving

Keep Striving

The doors for opportunities are only open to the ones that are ready to run through them.  These occasions are fleeting in life, and when you miss them you rarely get another chance.  As you get older, those opportunities are like a flash of light, that are never to be seen again.

This is why if there is a craft that your practice with the intent of going pro, you can never have enough practice.  You can never over dedicate yourself to the area that you want to live your life in.  Sometimes overdoing in the mind of others, is doing the right thing for you.

You will not reach your goal, by listening to people that say you’re over dedicated.  They don’t see, feel or understand your commitment to greatness because they haven’t found the thing in their life that they truly want to be great at; nor have the talent to give it a fighting chance.  Keep striving.


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