Keep Flying

The memories of yesterday may haunt your forward progress.  There may those moments when you hesitate because of past failures or shortcomings.  You might freeze.  You might take an extra unneeded step to make sure you don’t fall.  Eventually, you’ll need to get past that fear.  That extra step will only hold you back from your full potential.  We’re not talking about an extra step in the name of safety; as much as, the extra step in the name of anxiety because you might actually win. 

To get over these moments of anxiety, you have to trust that what you are doing is the right thing, at the right moment, for the right reasons.  You have to trust the training and preparation that you’ve put in to make sure you come out on top.  Make the mental jump from hesitation to winning, and you will live way more stress free.

Take the necessary chances that will relinquish future threats to your sanity.  Ensure you make the most of the moment, so you don’t live with regret.  Don’t let yourself crash.  Keep flying above the fray, and into the future.