Sometimes we take our actions, our words and abilities for granted.  We go through life thinking that no one is paying attention to what we’re doing.  We’re in the mode of just trying to climb to the next level that’s challenging our psyche.  We don’t feel that what we offer to the world is worth sharing.  We just go about our days just living, and doing without a lot of thought into what we’re accomplishing or watching.  Never realizing that there are people that are motivated by our actions, inclined to see things in a different light, based on how they perceive our actions or something we said.

How many times have you read a quote from someone you never heard of that may stimulate your way of understanding a certain subject, or bringing about a passion on something that you never knew you would like?  The urge or ability to do or feel something usually comes from some form of cause that affected us in some manner.

How many social media trends that someone post become the thing to do for a moment?  The thing that makes everyone cool.  The thing that made everyone want to duplicate those same efforts.  The person that posted it, rarely gave any thought to what they were doing.  In a lot of cases, they weren’t even the one that was filming the video that was posted.  They were minding their business, a door popped up in front of them, and they walked in.  They own the trend of the moment, or their story becomes a standard for how people should approach some subject in their life. 

We fail to properly appreciate the world around us, and we surely tend to not appreciate what we offer to the world.  We inspire people every day through generosity, caring, or doing the right thing for the right reasons.  People sense that positive energy, and usually are looking to give it back, or follow our lead.  Setting the example comes in many forms.  The more we try to reach our goals, the more we will inspire others to reach theirs as well.  Even if we don’t make it, maybe we will inspire others to be as good; if not better, and making the world a better place.

Keep striving.  Keep inspiring.  Even on a bad day.


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