It is a good day, as long as you can see the sunshine.  The problems of tomorrow, are hopefully gone today.  Whatever hangs over our head, we need to remember that most of what brings us misery is temporary, and we have to weather the storm of today, to see the sunshine again tomorrow. 

Make good choices and work with what you have.  Turn your negatives into positives, to make life go your way.  Continue to strive for the level of perfection, that only comes from coming out of your comfort zone.  You need to experience new and different things to figure out what you are gifted with, and what you need to improve on, and those things that may not be in your cards in the long run.

Be open minded.  For those things that you love, but cannot seem to get better at; there is the possibility that you can be involved in that line of work in a different capacity.  Just because you cannot act very well, does not mean you cannot be behind the camera, or in some other aspect of television, movies and media.  There are many different things in life that need support, and sometimes your best move is not to be the main effort.  Successful people are not always the best at being in the front, sometimes they find a better life for themselves in the background.

We live in some of the most prosperous times, with many options for us to take advantage of.  We are fortunate for what we have, and we should never take it for granted.


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