Find Your Niche

Tide will change regardless if you want to stay the same.  You can try to stand still and hope the world will be with you; however, like the earth revolving around the sun, life will move on with or without you.

Your choices in life are simple, you move with the tide or make your own wave.   In either case, you can’t remain in the same place for long.  Making your own wave.   Finding your niche.  Doing what gets you going is the only way to find happiness in this world; for some better than others.

Remember that you matter, and your contribution to this thing called life is important.  You are setting the example for others, whether you like it or not.  The question is: what kind of example are you setting.  Will people want to follow you, or go in the opposite direction.   So ask yourself: where am I going?

Think a little.  Live a little.  Keep striving, look forward and keep moving.