There are many ways today can go.  Some of those things you have control over, but most you do not.  Control is relative to the moment or the topic.  We control only our attitudes, our actions and reactions to the environment at the now.  That is it. 

Sure we can do things to help ensure that the moment goes in our favor.  Like training for an exam, job interview, competition or sporting event.  Practice makes our outcomes become more certain, than not.  Simply showing up to a marathon without proper training, will only ensure that we probably will not win the race. 

We choose to prepare for the road ahead of us every day.  Waking up with so many hours to dedicate ourselves to how we want to prepare for the next event.  Choices to make on what will be the priorities of the day. 

When you are in that moment when your eyes open, and you are getting your head together for the challenges of the day; make sure your choices meet up with your targeted destination.


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