When you wake up in the morning, and look at all things you need to get done can be a daunting thing.  Makes you want to go back to bed and get a little more sleep.  Makes you want to hide from the responsibilities that will hit you in the face the second your feet hit the ground when you roll out of bed.  That is life.  Full of unknowns and known unknowns.

The unknown of what the day will bring.  You know what you have to do, but you don’t know who or what might add pleasure to pain to your day.  You won’t know until you live through it, and come out on the other side; ready to do it again the following day.

The known unknows of the day.  Knowing that you have a job interview, or a test that you need to take.  Asking yourself if you did all the necessary preparation to get you ready for the moment?  Did you put in the effort?  Is there something you overlooked?  In the end, it doesn’t matter because the moment is going to happen, regardless of whatever apprehensions you have about that exact moment approaching you.

In both of these scenarios, the only thing you really control is your attitude when the moment comes.  Do you fight or flea?  Did you give it 100% of your effort?  Do you shoot yourself in the foot by saying something in the interview that didn’t need to be said? 

In all these scenarios, your effort and the way you handle the moment will affect your ability to go forward.  How high you climb.  When everything is said and done, we control the ceilings that are above our heads.  We control the level that we can climb.  What control that is the effort we give, and our ability to adapt to the world around us.  Don’t allow someone to tell you what your ceiling is.  Instead put it in your head that there is no ceiling.  There is nothing that you can’t accomplish.  It is all on you to make it happen, and anything in your way is movable. 

Even if you can make today matter by moving your progress one inch closer to your goal; is better than allowing someone to set the ceiling for you, and making no progress at all.  Keep moving.


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