Blaze Your Trail

Blaze Your Trail

Enlightenment is a moment that should happen everyday.  There should be someone or something you’re learning about each day.  This keeps you engaged with the world around you.  The more you focus on growing, the more you will be able to face the challenges of the future.

We are continually meeting new challenges and things we never imagined we’d be facing.  Sometimes it will be experiences we’ve seen others go through.  If we’re smart we either avoid, or follow in the steps that are ahead.  If there’s a low probability of success, then it’s probably better to avoid the conflict.

There’s a time to listen to the people around use to avoid the pitfalls of the future.  There’s also a time to not follow the path ahead, and go off the beaten path to create our own trail.  Blaze your trail and lead the way.


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