As you begin today, remembering that you are far removed from yesterday.  Today is a new beginning.  The decisions today will shape your tomorrow, and like a bullet out of a gun some decisions are irreversible.  Do not let the fear of chance or trying to make things perfect, stagnant you to the point of no action.  Nothing will be accomplished unless you make it happen.  Trying to make things perfect sometimes comes out of fear of taking the next steps.

Mistakes will be made in your development.  We sometimes over work a situation only to make it worse.  Relax.  Take a deep breath.  Focus on the task versus the outcome.  In remaining focused, we will usually make the better decisions versus making decisions on pure emotion.

As we venture forward, we need to make sound decisions, not risk adverse decisions because everything in life is a risk.  It is just a matter on how you see it, internalize it, and are able to control your actions.  You sometimes cannot change the weather, but you can control how you prepare to weather the outdoors.