The one thing you can depend on in life, is people are going to be people.  They are the constant unpredictable variable that can turn darkness into light, pain into pleasure, or make you realize your purpose in life.  They can be the thing that makes your day the worst.  They can be the ones that make them better.  The one thing that is always constant is how perfectly imperfect we can be. 

As time goes on, we start to learn which people we want in our presence for various reasons.  The people who give us energy, take energy or are neutral to both.  Depending on our personality, we find people to fit in our lives on a spectrum of reasonings.  The one’s we want around and the ones we don’t isn’t always under our control, but we figure out how to deal with them regardless of the circumstances.  We learn to negotiate their presence. 

Every so often we are actually impressed with some of the people we meet.  They are the people we remember in their greatness.  The way they spoke, wrote, or talked to gain your attention; making you realize that you are in the presence of greatness and maybe you can be great too.  For those people, they have found their place in life, and radiate at some unexplained level that makes their presence almost unbelievable.

It’s not that greatness is unbelievable, as much as, you have to believe in yourself enough to make people feel like your existence is beyond what they can imagine what they’re life could be.  They inspire the best in people, and give new meaning to what they do.  They are the legends of their time, and will be remembered way past their existence.  They are not defined by the rules of a game, a job or some tangible structure that defines their ability to shine brighter than everyone else.

If you want to shine brighter, you have to find something that makes you feel good about what you do, and do well at it.  Share it with others, and inspire them to want to be something better than themselves.  Take the time out to think about taking some bold actions that help you truly define who you are, and making your life unbelievable to others.  Keep moving.