Travel Light

There’s a lot you can learn from people.  More so watching their actions, than hearing what they have to say.  When you first meet someone, you usually are getting to know their initial personality, which in most cases is not who they really are.  It is a moment in time on how they are reacting to meeting you; positive or negative.  If you meet in friendly manner, then that’s all you’ve met.  If it’s confrontational, then that’s the person that you’ve met at that moment.  People are like the weather; they will change depending on the time of day.  

Why is this important?  You need to always know who you are dealing with, and realize that at the end of the day, good or bad, people are just people.  They need to eat, sleep, breath and feel protected.  If that means they will act unfriendly towards you to get the resources they need to find their happiness, most of the time it is not personal, it’s just they are more focused on their well-being than disrupting yours.  This doesn’t mean you need to dim someone else’s light to make yours shine brighter or anything like that.  It means you need to always know what the temperature is in the room you are in.  You need to know who you’re dealing with, and what they are capable of.  Mainly, are they going to be an obstacle, an accessory, or neutral to your forward progress?  Are they the person you’re in direct competition with, or just someone competing? 

Weighing out the people in your life will help with decision making.  From who to put on your team, who to collaborate with, and who you may need to leave behind on your journey.  People will come and go; however, you will ultimately live with the results of your decision making.  You might find that you start on your journey with a gang of people, but in the end travel light.  There’s a difference from people protecting you from harm, and people simply trying to prevent your progress because they don’t want you to achieve your full potential.  Make sure you focus on your goals, don’t let the dreams of others derail the promise you made for your tomorrow.  Keep moving.