Opportunities do not come often.  They are fleeting to say the least.  There will be moments in time when an occasion will present itself in glimmer of light, that you may or may not appreciate at the importance of what is in front of you.  This will happen often, but your ability to pay attention to your surroundings will help you recognize these instances.

Though rhythm and tempo of life, you will begin to understand the flow of how your life is beginning to take shape as you become wiser to the world.  Intensity of cadence of your travels will begin to put you in the position to make decisions that will help, or hurt, your ability to see beyond where you are standing now, and the realistic possibilities that lay ahead of you.  A time to take inventory of whether you are heading in the right direction, or maybe you need to change course.  In the end, only you know if you have prepared yourself for the moments ahead of you. 

As you move through life, you will find that skill, abilities, knowledge and other attributes are as important as timing.  Being ready for the moment is as important, as recognizing the time when you need to attack an opportunity with as much vigor as you can muster.


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