Timeout and Refocus

Timeout and Refocus

We all need time to relax.  Stop and smell the roses.  Whatever make you stop from from feeling like you’re going 100 miles an hour.  We tend to focus on the goals so bad, that we don’t appreciate what we have.  If you don’t take the time out, your body will eventually shut you down and make you.

The weather is changing and the holiday season is about to be in full swing.  Make sure you don’t let the days creep up on you and find you off balanced.  Look at the calendar, count your days and plan accordingly.  Whether it is business that needs to happen, deadlines that need to be made, or events you need to attend don’t let those days interrupt your journey.  Also, enjoy those days while you can because you’ll be right back on it before you blink an eye.

Take a timeout and refocus.  You might think a little clearer when you have a seat, breathe and just relax.  Keep moving.


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