Shoot Your Shot

Every so often we get into a rut.  Things aren’t going the way we want them to.  We aren’t feeling like ourselves.  Low energy, or whatever it maybe.  There’s no right answer to really fix what we’re feeling, we just know that things aren’t feeling the way we should.  Not saying this in a manner that means we need to go to the doctor, nothing that is making us feel ill.  I’m speaking of just feeling a little glum.  We all need a bit of a pick me up to get us to the next place.  The thing about it, is finding that motivation that has taken us this far to go farther.

Sometimes what motivated you to get to today, isn’t the same thing that will get you past tomorrow.  You need to take a moment to figure out what’s not working.  What’s not getting you to that place you need to be to perform at your best.  It could be reading some motivating words.  It could be spending time with your family.  It could be just being in a moment of silence to clear your head, or listen to some music.  At the end of the day, we have to find that thing that drives us to the next day, the next event, the next undertaking so we don’t lose sight on our journey.

From the time we open our eyes, to the time we close them, we are the dictators of how we make our lives come out.  There may be some circumstances that impact the end state, but we decide on how we view the end state.  We decide if we won or not.  You might not become rich in terms of wealth, but maybe you have something that wealth cannot buy.  That is where you are special, and that is why you open your eyes every day.  To be the best you that you can be. 

No one can replicate or duplicate what you bring to the world, so improve on that and the rest of your life will be better.  Never count yourself out of the game, shot your shot, just make sure to appreciate your existence and continue to keep moving.