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Search & Find

There are many things that you can learn in school.  You learn the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  You learn some degree of social skills, and basic etiquette.  You learn how to follow some basic social norms, etc.

What you do not learn in school, are lessons that come from you being inquisitive enough to search for the answers.  No one truly grows in life without a degree of curiosity, and interest in things outside of the norm.

If you see a successful person, it probably will not hurt to ask them about being successful.  What they did to become who they are, or simply complementing them on their accomplishments; with the hope that they will remember you when you become a larger success in life. 

You have to find the keys to success because they will not find you.  Search and find the steps you have to take to earn your success; which will allow you to pay it forward to others and help you become a better inspiration to others.

The more you search for the answers to your questions, the more you will find more than what you thought you were looking for.