As we drift into the first weekend of October 2020, some will be able to enjoy their free time off more than others.  It maybe because you have to work, go to school, or be a part of something that you do not necessarily find relaxing.  Regardless of how you are planning on spending your weekend, continue to keep dreaming about your goals and future plans.

If your aspirations are truly what you want to be and do; then you probably cannot stop thinking about them regardless of what is going on around you.  That is a sign that you may have found your niche, which will lead to happiness in the long run.

Remember your future is like sailing on a body of water.  There will be highs and lows.  High waves and low waves.  There will be times you want to just get to land and keep from being cold and wet.  However, remember that tough times will only make you stronger, and appreciate the journey more when you reflect on how far you have sailed. 


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