Before you step out on a new adventure, you should always have a rough idea of how you want it to end.  Planning a vacation involves the basics: how you are getting there, where you are going to stay, what you are going to do, and how do you get home.  Very basic, but can become very complex when things go wrong. 

Plans only give you a guide on how things should go, and provide an idea of how things will end.  However, most plans rarely go without some degree of bumps in the road, when they come in contact with the rest of the world. 

This does not mean you just jump off a bridge without thinking about the consequences.  It means that you really have to think about what you are getting yourself into, how to get out of it, and understand that the bumps in the road will always be there; learn to accept them. 

More chaos you experience in life, the more you begin to see around the corners of the possibilities.  You develop a degree of thick skin towards the trials and tribulations of life.  In the end, your plans should get better, your results will become more predictable, and success will become the norm versus the latter. 

The biggest part of planning and execution is having the passion to carry out the task.  So ask yourself, if you have the passion to set out on what you plan on doing, or do you need to think about it a little more.  If is something worth striving for, you will sometimes find yourself making it up as you go along because sometimes passion is all you need.


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