Making mountains out of molehills is the thing that makes the story interesting.  People coming from humble beginnings, to strive and believe in themselves is a constant staple in making other people dream of the possibilities they can conjure up in their minds.  The vision of greatness is something we all have at some point; if not everyday.  We want to be good or great in some way.  We all want to be recognized for some achievement.

Most people will never make it into history books because of their accomplishments.  Most people will be local or family heroes at the most, and that’s fine.  It’s about how you impact people’s lives in a positive way, more than the number of people that see you.  It’s about the ripple that the pebble makes in the pond, more than the pebble getting wet.

Keep trying to make your ripple and leave a Mark that goes beyond your imagination.  Think about how you make the most of your situation, and make sure you had fun with it.  Keep moving.


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