You feel something going not your way after putting a level of effort that you felt would get you results.  In moments, you can feel that things have gone away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course in our heads.  Things have gone amiss or simply missed.  A good leader takes the time to do some self-evaluations on what went wrong, what could be better, and how to keep things from going awry in the future.  If you never look yourself in the mirror, you will never grow and never make the necessary adjustments to help against bad and unpredictable things happening. 

Time off between the next evolution is a good time to reflect on what is going right and wrong in anyone’s situation.  Even though finding time off seems to become a challenge more and more every day.  The time is there, it is just a matter of giving up one thing for another.  Less time surfing the web on social media, and more time researching better practices that my help your social media presence.  Time set aside to learn from those who seem to be successful, and less time spent with things that don’t garnish a positive return. 

Those miles to our destination get no shorter, time waits for no one, and if the goal is truly for you; then your mind will tell you when it’s time to work and time to rest.  Rest well and work hard.