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Make It Count

New day, new week, new aspirations on what we would like to have accomplished.  Taking an inventory of the things that we want to achieve.  Taking a look at what is ahead of us.  Asking ourselves are we going in the right direction, or do we need to change course.  Are we meeting our own expectations, or are we allowing someone to dictate them to us.  Asking ourselves are we in a place that let us feel that we like our own story.  

In the beginning of this new day in your life, take a moment to make sure you are making the most of your life.  Are you in control, or are you simply going through the motions of life.  Are you making the the days count, or are you simply counting the day.  If you feel that you are simply marking time to the next weekend, then maybe you need to lay the ground to instead of another day that happens; that you make it count for you, and your future.