Little Things

Little Things

No one is an island.  At some point we all need someone to talk to.  Brunch ideas off of.  Maybe even help us get in our feet to some degree.

This doesn’t take away from our being self made; in the sense that we came up with the ideas and put in the hard work.  It just means that we cannot do anything 100% alone.

You can’t run a business without workers.  You can’t achieve your goals without a little help from others.  Whether it’s the teacher that answered your questions on a subject you might be struggling in.  The coach that gave you som extra pointers on your jump shot.  Even that parent that heard your cries for a new computer, and surprised you with it when you needed it the most.

We all need some support in some fashion, so don’t forget those who helped you on your journey.  Even the little things can matter the most.


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