Fall is the beginning of the cycle of out with the old, and in with the new.  It is the Earth's way of evolving.  Making room for new things to blossom and flourish.  Everything has it's time.  Whether it is something that is organic, or man-made; eventually it will come and go.

Technology is no different.  Things that are invented will have many hands touch it before it is rolled out to the general public.  New ideas will be implemented into old technology, so it can benefit the needs of the time.

Like a machine will only work as well as you build it.  It is with time, imagination and effort that the machine will become more than what it was designed to be or do.  All great inventions go through a process of people finding new ways to improve on what was already made.  These small improvements become a staple to our lives that we sometimes forget what it was like to not have them.

Your life is no different.

You start off your dreams and ambitions with very little, and grow it to a place where you don’t even know who that person was that started.  The ability to recognize how you can improve yourself, will take you on a road that can make life more than you ever imagined.  Like seasons, we need to take out some of what is old, and begin a new path for us to adapt to the world around us.

Life doesn't stop and neither should you.


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