The way forward is never certain.  There always thing that may interrupt the path that you think you need to be heading towards.  We make these dreams or aspirations in our heads.  The best made plans are always subject to the variables in the world around us.  We can try to fight where our life is taking us, or we can let things take its course.  What we need to be able to understand is what is happening.  Are we quitting or are we seeing the truth of the situation?  Are we submitting to reality or the fictional things we tell ourselves to make quitting easier?

To make headway, we need to know when to lean forward, and when to pull back. We need to understand ourselves and what we ultimately trying to accomplish.  Why is it we want to become successful, or better yet why?  Is it about the course or the fact that we actually get there?  Maybe there’s another way to accomplish what we’re trying to achieve.  Maybe we need to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture of what we’re shooting for. 

Don’t hit your head against the wall too much.  Make sure you are hitting your head against the wall for a good reason.  We all need to know when to be head strong, and when to realize the gravity of what we’re trying to achieve.  If going forward is the task, then we need to make sure we are gearing ourselves appropriately to make headway tomorrow.


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