Continue to thrive and survive is not the reason we only exist.  We look into the future will great expectations, and a level head on most occasions.  With great earnest for the possiblty of tomorrow.  Those brazen and bold ideas we have for greatness will never fade away; they will only grow bigger as we find more success. 

It is a snowball effect of life.  The better you do, the more you want to do.  Which is why we have to continue to succeed.  This does not mean we take unnecessary risks.  We weight out the risk to rewards.  The biggest reward is not having any regrets about the choices we made, and the ground we laid for the future.

Dreams are never big enough, and the biggest killer of dreams are fear.  Within time, we realize that we need and can move past the fears of today, to make the most of the goals of tomorrow.  We realize that the growth we made today, will place a positive impact on the hurdles we will face tomorrow.

Continue to grow.  Continue to move forward.  Continue to make progress.