Give Out.  Never Give Up.

Give Out. Never Give Up.

Some days are better than others.  You will find that the weekend was not long enough.  You did not get enough rest for various reasons.  You look at the stack of things you need to accomplish, and you just cannot get going.  

This is a moment when you sometimes need to take a step back and look at the big picture.  If not that, maybe just taking a short walk to clear your head.  

In these times of newer and faster technology.  You can feel like the technology and the demands of the day are increasing, but you still only have the same 24 hours to make things happen.

When time, responsibilities and demands begin to grind you down, you have to sometimes look inside yourself to find more.  Developing a positive mental attitude towards the things you need to get done, no matter how nerve racking it maybe.  Whether it is dealing with the coworkers, the work, or your boss; remember it is only temporary. 

Give out the best that you have, and never give up.  By giving the best we have, it will rub off on the people that most need to see that in you, in order to believe in you.  It might be the key to something later down the line that you never imagined.  It could be a job offer, or someone helping you when you need it the most.  Positivity always has a way of bring you more positivity; even when things are at their darkest. 

On the flipside, no one likes someone that gives up.  Giving up only leads to more failure, more self doubt and more quitting.  We are not talking about giving up on bad habits, or things that might threaten the health and welfare of others.  We mean walking out on people who depend on you, or quitting on yourself when things get hard.  No one on earth looks down on a quitter, more than those who have never achieved anything.  No one is more of a negative influence than those who have not achieved what you are trying to achieve.  Do not give those people the energy to continue to influence you upward mobility because they do not see it in themselves; so they want to make sure you do not see it in you.  Not quitting.  Perseverance is a quality that few people have.  Show people you have that quality and leave them to their negative outlook on life.  The goal in life it to make your dreams a reality, not to make people who told you that you could not do something, and prove them right.

Give out.  Never give up.  It is the best thing you can do to generate positivity in your life, and help you achieve your goals in the future.

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