Find It

Those days where you look at the things in front of you, and your spirit begins to drop.  There becomes this moment where you’re not sure exactly what’s going on.  You mentally drained.  Your body is beginning to tell you that you have had enough, but the task is not complete. 

You doubt your abilities, and wonder if the path ahead of you is worth it.  This is the moment when quitting begins to creep into your mind.  You’re allowing the you mind and body to take control of your life.  We’re not talking about a medical condition or anything like that.  We’re talking about a spirit that is beginning to break.

In moments like this, you have to take control of your emotions and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing to begin with.  Remember that you wouldn’t be doing it if it were easy.  It’s all about finding that thing.  Finding whatever you need to put more fuel in the take.  Once you find it, it should propel you past the mental and physical pain that you’re enduing because all know that finishing feeling is way better than quitting ever will.  So finish the task at hand, and find what you need to make it happen.