Failure Is Not An Option

Failure Is Not An Option

Sometimes we lose focus on what we’re trying to accomplish.  We have our moments of wanting to just be left alone, and just mellow out for a moment.  Forget that the world is around us, and ignore all of our responsibilities.  On occasion, we need that mental break.  We need to have something more than grinding down until we have nothing left.

Once we are through with that moment, we need to get back on the horse and continue what we started.  The world will not stop spinning because we chose to take a break.  Loss of focus is human, but making it into a trend is unforgiveable.  The path to success is littered with people that thought they could take a break, never get back to it, and grow old with a ton of regret. 

No regrets and failure is not an option; nor a course of action.  The key is to not have a bunch of regrets, and stories about what could’ve been.  Charge ahead and make the most of life.

Shake off whatever is taking you away from your focus, and continue to move forward.


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