Eyes on the Road

Eyes on the Road

There’s no replacement for the effort you give to a situation.  You cannot control everything around you, but you can control how you approach the world around you.  If you give the right amount of energy, no one can take away from what you’ve dedicated.

People can try to dim your light to make themselves shine a little brighter, but even the clouds can only block the rays of the sun for so long.  If it is your destiny, there’s no stopping you if you stay focused and it is really for you.

The road of regret is filled with people who have a lot of excuses for why they didn’t make it to where they were going.  Nobody cares about excuses.  They might give you a bit of cheer up talk, but they don’t care.  In some cases they’re happy that you failed because they’ve never won anything.  Don’t allow this energy to take your eyes off of your prize.  Keep your eyes on the road, and block out the distractions.


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