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Energy is a weird thing.  It is defined in many instances of life, in variety of good and bad ways.  You tend to have energy for the things you want most in life.  The things that are fun, exciting, or bring you some level of emotion.  

It can be the way you feel about a person or a situation.  It can be wrapped up into intuition.  You can feel someone’s energy the moment they walk into a room.  You can look at someone, on occasion, and tell if you’re going to get along with them or not.  Whether we are right or wrong about the energy we are feeling, we can’t help but to feel it.

Make sure you are aware of the energy you give out.  What you put out into the university has a way of coming back to you.  Most importantly, learn to protect it by not giving your energy into a situation, that simply is not worth your time.  Both good and bad.