Life is played in inches.  There are a number of opportunities that will come in front of you, but the trick is to be ready when they come.  We all know that if you don’t work at what you want to become, you will not be ready when your number is called.  You can dream, bug all the equipment and all those types of things; however, it means nothing if you don’t put work behind it.

Are their people that elevate above their level of skill or Ignorance at time?  Yes.  Does that mean it will be you?  Probably not.  Even those who are born into the right family will find something that they cannot simply have because of status.  Either you can shoot a three pointer or not; that’s something you can’t buy into.  Skills can’t be simply bought.  They need to be cultivated, and grow overtime.

Put in the effort today, so you are ready for your destiny tomorrow.  Keep moving.